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Blue D2017286

8 January 2018|

German Shepherd | Female | 11 months old | Available

Beautiful Blue, Brilliant Blue, Blazing Blue…

German Shepherds are a unique lot. Their eyes seem to see through a different spectrum of […]

Chester D2017065

1 December 2017|

Staffy x | Male – neutered | 8 years old | Available

Cuddles and Playtime with Chester…

He’s an unconventionally handsome boy is Chester, with his disproportionately little legs and […]

Ronnie D2017249

31 October 2017|

Collie x | Male | 3 years old | Available


Do you like to stay active? Ronnie likes to stay active. Do you like playtime? Ronnie likes playtime. Do you like […]

Roxy W2017031

14 June 2017|

Staffy x | Female | 7 years old | Available

Our Special Appeal for Remarkable Roxy…

This is our most special of special appeals. We absolutely beg […]