Staffordshire Bull Terrier x | Male – neutered  | 2 years old | Available

A Real Block-Buster…

Everyone has that one friend, that one whose proud optimism and lust for life can brighten any room they enter, that friend who seems, permanently, to have a beaming smile fixed upon their face. Buster is that friend – in dog form. This two-year-old is the type who thinks that every glass is half-full, that every cloud has a silver-lining, that every step backwards must be followed by two great leaps forward. How can you help but love someone like that?

Buster the X-breed is a tremendously playful boy, with energy levels to match, there is nothing more he loves that going for walks, haring about at full pelt around our exercise area, or – when he’s worn himself out a tad – getting some kisses and cuddles from staff members. Because of his bouncy nature, Buster would be best placed in a home with an active lifestyle who could accommodate this young pooch’s enjoyment of exercise.

Having worked with Buster for an extended period of time now, we feel well placed to say what a fantastic lad he is, a dog with a love of people and a voracious appetite for life and all it has to offer. He is, however, a big boy, a strong boy, and will need an owner who can handle him – but, my word, will he be worth the effort. He makes working with him such a joy, and we want to repay Buster by helping him get the home that he truly deserves.

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