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Ruby S2017005

Domestic Short Hair |Female | 5 years 3 months old | Available

Ruby is a Gem…

It’s not every day that you get a chance to adopt the sweetest cat who ever has lived, but that is exactly what Ruby might just be!

Prior to entering into our care, Ruby had been with another RSPCA branch, […]

Ben D2017039

Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Male – neutered  | 6 years & 3 months old | Reserved

Can you help sweet Ben find a home?

Ben is a six-year-old Staffy who has been in our care for a few weeks now and, we feel, could use a helping hand to find his forever home. He’s a truly […]

Roxy D2017029

Akita x | Female  | 8 years &  6 months old | Available

Give an Older Girl a Chance…

This special appeal is for one of our veterans, a sophisticated older lady who’s looking for a fantastic home and an owner to love her as she deserves. Her name is Roxy and she is an 8-year-old X-breed. […]

Ollie W2016031

Staffy x | Female  | 8 years 3 months old | Available

Ollie, Ollie, Ollie!

This special appeal is for a Staffy-X-English Bull called Ollie, this little lady is over 8-years-old and has been in our care for quite a while now, so please allow us to regale you with tales of her wonderfulness!

Perhaps Ollie’s greatest quality, […]

Lassie D2017020

Patterdale Terrier | Female  | 4 years old | Available

Lassie, Patterdale and Proud…

This special appeal for is for one of our smaller residents, a lively little ragamuffin by the name of Lassie, a 4-year-old Patterdale terrier. A lady who crackles and sparkles like a firework, but who has the warmth and tenderness of a humble […]

Buster D2016253

Staffordshire Bull Terrier x | Male – neutered  | 2 years old | Available

A Real Block-Buster…

Everyone has that one friend, that one whose proud optimism and lust for life can brighten any room they enter, that friend who seems, permanently, to have a beaming smile fixed upon their face. Buster is that friend – […]