Special appeals

/Special appeals

Bruce D2017164

Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Male – neutered | 6 years old | Available – would like to re-home with Spot D2017163


Molly D2017122

Staffordshire Bull Terrier x | Female | 3 years old | Available

Good Golly Miss Molly

Molly is a very sweet natured girl who loves to cuddle into you and enjoys lots of fuss and attention, she is finding kennel life a little stressful at the moment so would love to find a new home really […]


Smudge S2017038

Domestic Short Hair | Female | 14 years old | Available

Ageing Beautifully…with a Twist

Everyone has that hope that they will age gracefully. With elegance. That all around will look on in wonder as the years come and go, yet your beauty remains unblemished. Smudge is one of those lucky few. She might be […]


Daisy W2017013, Coal W2017018 & Jazz W2017016

Mice | Female  | 8 weeks old | Available

One Upon A Time…

Though they are only little, the mouse has played a huge role in our stories and tales through history – those tiny heroes and heroines who exist just out of sight. In one of Aesop’s Fables, it was the mouse who saved the […]


Chester D2017065

Staffy x | Male – neutered | 7 years old | Available

Cuddles and Playtime with Chester…

He’s an unconventionally handsome boy is Chester, with his disproportionately little legs and his brownish rump adding a unique touch to his, more typically gorgeous, auburn eyes and soft-featured face. But to get hung up on looks would be to […]


Bobbins M2016120

X Breed | Male – neutered | 1 year 6 months old | Available


Literature’s most famous rabbit, Alice’s White Rabbit, once panicked that he was late, late for a very important date, and he’s not the only long-eared fellow who is in a bit of a hurry to be elsewhere. Our very own beautiful Bobbins […]