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Buster D2016253

Staffordshire Bull Terrier x | Male – neutered  | 2 years old | Available

A Real Block-Buster…

Everyone has that one friend, that one whose proud optimism and lust for life can brighten any room they enter, that friend who seems, permanently, to have a beaming smile fixed upon their face. Buster is that friend – […]

22 November 2016|Dogs, Special appeals|

Hugo D2016240

Staffordshire Bull Terrier| Male – neutered  | 1 year old | Available

I Go, We Go, Crazy for Hugo…

As a rule of thumb, we’d tend to say that pictures of our animals fail to do them justice – their specialness cannot begin to be captured in such a manner – but here we’ll make […]

18 November 2016|Dogs, Special appeals|

Sabre D2016187

German Shepherd x Staffy | Male | 4 years 3 months old | Available

What’s In A Name…?

They tell you not to judge a book by its cover, and nor should you judge a dog by their name. Unfortunately for our four-year-old German Shepherd-X, Sabre, his name couldn’t be further removed from his true nature. This […]

14 September 2016|Dogs, Special appeals|

Tilly M2016116 & Terry M2016117

Lion Head x | Female & Male |  5 years old | Available

Terry and Tilly and Heartfelt Gratitude…

It is said that those who have had little love in their lives are often those most able to cherish it, and it is often those very same individuals who share it most generously. To be in their […]

15 June 2016|Rabbits, Special appeals|

Fawn M2015185 & Fin M2015186

Fawn | x breed | Female – neutered | 3 years old approx | Available

Fin | x breed | Male – neutered | 3 years old approx | Available

Lady Fawn and Mr Fin

This appeal is for two beautiful rabbits, Fawn and Fin, who hold a rather unwanted title – they are our longest-term animals, having […]

22 March 2016|Rabbits, Special appeals|