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Blue D2017286

German Shepherd | Female | 11 months old | Available

Beautiful Blue, Brilliant Blue, Blazing Blue…

German Shepherds are a unique lot. Their eyes seem to see through a different spectrum of colour, their ears hear that bit more acutely, sharper, their noses seem to smell stranger smells, their minds work in complex and baffling ways. To […]


Chester D2017065

Staffy x | Male – neutered | 8 years old | Available

Cuddles and Playtime with Chester…

He’s an unconventionally handsome boy is Chester, with his disproportionately little legs and his brownish rump adding a unique touch to his, more typically gorgeous, auburn eyes and soft-featured face. But to get hung up on looks would […]


Ronnie D2017249

Collie x | Male | 3 years old | Available


Do you like to stay active? Ronnie likes to stay active. Do you like playtime? Ronnie likes playtime. Do you like fetch? Ronnie loves fetch! He might have more bounce than a hyperactive jelly, but Ronnie just wouldn’t be Ronnie otherwise – and he’s looking for […]


Roxy W2017031

Staffy x | Female | 7 years old | Available

Our Special Appeal for Remarkable Roxy…

This is our most special of special appeals. We absolutely beg you to take the time to read about one of our most amazing dogs, a beautiful girl who really, really needs that loving home. Seven-year-old […]