Our work

What a year it has been for the RSPCA! We are very proud to be a local rehoming centre that supports the work of the RSPCA Inspectorate and we are so very lucky to have such dedicated staff, volunteers, adopters, fundraisers, donors and supporters who help make it all happen. Thank you for all you do for animals in need! […]


Remember, Remember…and all that

We are inching ever closer to every animal’s least favourite time of the year, November and its associated firework-related festivities, and therefore we have put a little something together to try and offer all you conscientious pet owners a little advice on how to make these upcoming days as stress-free as possible.

Perhaps the best way to highlight the impact that […]


Understanding dog behaviour

“If a lion could speak, we could not understand him” Ludwig Wittgenstein.

There’s a lot of truth in the above quote, all species’ minds work in ways that would seem incomprehensible to others – how a sparrow perceives the world will differ massively from how a tiger does so, or a human for that matter. It’s one of […]


Mum’s the Word…

Any parent will tell you how tough it is to be a mum, and we have two dogs presently who have succeeded in their ordeal – Jessie and Daisy – and therefore they have more than earned some respite in a shiny new home.

After giving birth to eight beautiful, healthy, well-mannered – and, thankfully now adopted – babies it is […]


Furry Tales…

Our worlds are built by the stories we create and share – true and false, light and dark – and this is equally true of our animal friends. As an animal centre we often have only the most basic background histories of the animals who enter our care, we cannot begin to imagine the things that they’ve seen and the […]


Have a Little Patience…

Going to an animal centre and adopting an animal is one of the most wonderful and virtuous decisions that anyone can make and has made millions of people (and their new animal companions) incredibly happy. Anyone who has adopted one will tell you that rescue animals are the most loving and loveliest of animals, as though they are showering their […]