Happy endings

/Happy endings


On 21st February 2017 we adopted little Barney, who is such a lovely boy! We are very happy to say that he has settled in amazingly well, he hasn’t given us any problems, but has brought a lot of joy. He really enjoys his walks and is certainly keeping us fit!

At home he likes to potter in and out […]



Hello to everyone there at RSPCA Chesterfield

I’m settling into my new home, here in one of the pictures I’m in the garden just strolling about. My new Mummy and Daddy are nice to me and I have a lovely soft bed to sleep in and plenty of cuddles also. Thank you all for looking after me and you […]



We just wanted to let you know how settled Oscar is, he’s been with us for six weeks already and we can’t remember life without him! He is such a loving dog who loves his walks and snuggles. Not chewed at all and no crate needed as first feared from his history.

Thank you.



We just wanted to let you all know that Candy has settled in amazingly well and she’s an absolute delight to have, we have fallen in love already.

She’s enjoying two nice walks a day where we can let her off the lead, eats two good meals and has endless cuddles. She follows me round like my […]



We adopted Ella (was Juniper) from the RSPCA Chesterfield Animal Centre in July 2015 when she was 11 weeks old. She is adorable and a real mischievous little madam, always up to something, she prefers to drink out of our bathroom tap than her own dish!

She was one year old this year and featured on the Pets at Home Facebook […]



We thought you might like to hear about Ice’s new career. Since he adopted us as his family in January 2016, he has started to be a prominent part of our efforts at raising funds for Guide Dogs through our local branch. He has to wear a special tabard which says “supporting Guide Dogs”, but he attracts so many people […]