Staffordshire Bull Terrier| Male – neutered  | 1 year old | Available

I Go, We Go, Crazy for Hugo…

As a rule of thumb, we’d tend to say that pictures of our animals fail to do them justice – their specialness cannot begin to be captured in such a manner – but here we’ll make an exception; the sly smile and playful eyes featured in the pictures below really do a great job of highlighting Hugo’s unashamed cheekiness! This 1-year-old Staffy is only a pup and has the personality to match – everything is a game.

Hugo is prone to becoming very excitable, and so will need an owner who can help him calm down – especially as he gets older – and an owner who can provide him with the stimulation that his sharp mind needs. He adores going on walks and playing with both people and toys and so if you can offer him these pleasures then you will find yourself the owner of a very special friend.

Given time to settle in a new home and with some easy-to-follow ground rules and Hugo will make a fantastic companion whose mere presence will make your life brighter, he is such a characterful and lovely little boy! Please give him a shot!

Pluto D2017037

Blue D2017036

Maddison D2017035

Roxy D2017029

Barney D2017028

Peggy D2017026