Staffy x | Female  | 8 years 3 months old | Available

Ollie, Ollie, Ollie!

This special appeal is for a Staffy-X-English Bull called Ollie, this little lady is over 8-years-old and has been in our care for quite a while now, so please allow us to regale you with tales of her wonderfulness!

Perhaps Ollie’s greatest quality, amongst many other great qualities, is simply how ‘good’ she is. For example, she’s house trained, she is very good on-lead, she is quiet and settled, she is very amenable to training with treats, and she is wonderful with people – whether strangers or friends. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Ollie is absolutely one of our most fantastic dogs. Though she does have one little flaw: she is really quite nesh! 

Everyone knows that feeling. When you are about to leave the house and see the grey skies approaching the window and the tiny droplets striking the glass – and how, all of a sudden, that comfy sofa and central heating system seem all the more appealing. Ollie knows your pain. She’s a delicate flower who can’t stand the cold and wet – so she’s probably not the best all-weather dog! She’s the type who simply wants a friend who will just adore curling up with her where it’s warm, allowing her to rest her beautiful head on their lap, that would suit Ollie to a tee!

The last of Ollie’s loves is food – and treats of all kinds – there is pretty much nothing that she will not do in order to get her paws on something tasty! As soon as you rattle some packaging or she hears the clink of a bowl, you can guarantee that she’ll be licking her lips and salivating in anticipation. This love of food also has the effect of making her easy to train as she is highly responsive for so long as her actions might result in treats.

So there you have it. Ollie is not just one of the many great dogs we have at our centre, she is uniquely special and therefore will require a home that will treat her as such! She deserves so much love, and will offer so much in return. Please give her a chance.

One thing you will notice about Ollie is that she has a bit of a skin complaint that will require ongoing treatment and observations on her new owner’s part. She would also be best suited to a home as the only dog.

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