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Please be aware that our re-homing pages may not represent all the animals we have staying with us, so please feel free to call at the animal centre between our animal viewing times of 11.00am - 4.00pm and have a look around.  During busy periods at the animal centre our rehoming pages may not always be 100% up to date. Please telephone 01246 273358 for the very latest information.

If you are interested in an animal that has been marked with a reserved or held tag feel free to contact us anyway as we take second reserves on most of our animals in the centre. 

Blitz D2014184

Blitz D2014184

Rotti x GSD | Male - neutered | 2 years old | Available


This is an urgent appeal for one of our longer-term dogs, Blitz, who is desperately in need of a fabulous new home with a fabulous new owner. Quite why this proud Rotti-Shepherd X has been with us for so long is a complete mystery, for he is a brilliant boy, who will undoubtedly make someone very, very happy!

In spite of our best efforts, we are all well aware that kennels are a far from ideal home for any dog, but this is especially true when it comes to dogs like Blitz, who - as a combination of Rottweiler and German Shepherd - is a very intelligent chap who needs to live a stimulating life to be truly happy. As such, when you first see Blitz he may not make the best first impression, as he can get quite stressed and bored in kennels and is simply looking for an chance to stretch his legs and display his obedient, loving, and wonderful nature.

When he goes on a walk, you can see his gorgeous face light up and you get a glimpse of the 'true' Blitz, a passionately playful pooch, who will listen to commands - especially when there are some particularly yummy treats being offered! - and demonstrate his tremendous loyalty. When you are out and about with this handsome boy you cannot fail to find a massive grin spreading across your face, watching him play chase for hours on end is an absolute pleasure!

In addition to his lovely character, Blitz is also a real looker and is certainly one of our more elegant dogs, and when you watch him stand proudly around the exercise run he can look very sophisticated - which is then ruined when he starts chasing a ball like a silly, little pup, or when he's begging for some treats! But that doesn't change the fact that he is undeniably handsome, very confident, unwaveringly loyal and, well, a delightfully darling doggy!

This agile and energetic boy is looking for a household in which he will be the only pet, and will happily live with children over the aged 13+. This boy is highly eager-to-please and would be best suited to an owner who has the time to give him tons of love, attention and treats, and, in return, Blitz will offer them his whole heart.

We urge you to come to the centre to see him, he will make the right person a very special companion.

Toby D2014115


Staffy x | Male - neutered | 1 year old | Toby has been transferred to RSPCA Burton-on-Trent Branch


This is an urgent appeal for our little Toby.

He's barely a year old and for reasons unknown, hasn't found a loving home yet.

People may see an energy filled little scamp that wants to act the fool in kennels, but once walked and given a cuddle, he's as good as gold.

Toby is a bright, little Staffy and will respond brilliantly to training - as long as there are treats on offer, which he will take very nicely. He would also be a good candidate for homes with existing dogs, as he gets along swimmingly with other pooches!

All that Toby really requires in an owner is someone with a big heart, some patience, and a willingness to give him loads of love and fuss, and in return Toby will offer his unwavering friendship.

Bonny D2014235

Bonnie D2014235

English Bull Terrier x | Female - neutered | 18 months old | Available


Bonny (Bon Bon) is just as sweet as her name - though certainly not as bad for you! Her cheeky, charming nature is something that's adored by all who meet her, and when you take her on a stroll, she can scarcely hide her excitement.

She's a nosy little pooch and will be playing ball one moment and then in an instant will switch her attention to nearby people and their canine companions wanting to know if there's anything she's missing.

Having bucket loads of energy means that she would require an active owner who can spoil her with lots of walks and plenty of yummy treats, be able to provide the odd bit of training, and, before you know it, you'll have acquired a true friend for life.

Bonny likes other dogs but would prefer not to live with cats or small animals. She's suitable for a family with children aged over 10 years old.

Georgey D2014200

Georgey D2014200

German Shepherd Dog


1 year old


flickr Enlarge picture

Where to start when describing the most eye-catching parts of gorgeous Georgey? From top-to-bottom this pooch is a shining diamond; from his fluffy ears and his perfect brown eyes, to his flowing tail and his wiggly bum - every inch of Georgey is absolutely perfect. In fact, any words that I write here seem wholly inadequate to truly and accurately describe Georgey's stunning beauty, you'll just have to come down and see him for yourself!

However, though this stunning Shepherd may look beautiful now, he initially came into our centre very underweight, and it has taken a sustained, dedicated effort to finally get Georgey to an appropriate size - and, boy, does he look much the better for it! But, as with any long-haired dog, George will need regular grooming to ensure that his luscious locks stay in tip-top condition.

Sometimes Georgey doesn't make the best first impression, as his shy and timid nature can make him a little defensive around new people - but if he barks at you don't pay him any mind, he's just a tad unsure. Once he gets to know you, you will find that Georgey is as wonderfully affectionate as any dog you will have ever met - and if you were to adopt this gorgeous guy you best get used to lots and lots of hugs and kisses! And, like a lot of German Shepherds, you'll find this cheeky chap to be unwaveringly loyal and a truly great friend.

As a result of his timid character, Georgey would be suitable only with families that have children that are aged 13 years or older, though he would be appropriate for homes with existing animals as he mixes well with other dogs, and - providing introductions are done sensibly - could live with existing cats as well.

They say that you can't buy happiness, well, Georgey is evidence that you can certainly adopt it! What are you waiting for? Come and see him at our animal centre, you surely won't regret it!

Ida D2014229

Nell D2014229



5 years old


flickr Enlarge picture

"She has a lithe, slender physique, beautiful head of hair, stunning eyes, and a most elegant walk" I could easily be describing a world-renowned supermodel, in actual fact, I'm describing someone much less vacuous and far more beautiful - Ida the gorgeous Saluki!

Ida came into the centre alongside her 2 close greyhound friends Nell and Thea, and this gorgeous gang are an absolute delight to work with - each with their own unique personalities and quirks, but all with startlingly enchanting eyes. Individually, Ida would make an absolutely wonderful pet for the right owner, at least one who is willing to give her the love and fuss that this timid girl needs and is able to take her on regular walks to stretch her long, lanky legs. Though she may be able to run-like-the-wind, this sensational Saluki is far happier to take life at a fairly slow, relaxed pace and is very happy to go on steady strolls.

She has a marvellous temperament, making her well-suited to most any home environment, aside from those with very young children - but she would perhaps be best suited as only pet, as she can be a little timid around other pooches, whilst her breed would make her ill-suited with other small animals.

Should you adopt Ida? Well, as Kylie Minogue sort-of said: "you should be Saluki, luki, luki, luki!"

Cruelty Line

To report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal please call our 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.  Read our cruelty checklist to help you identify the information we may ask for when you contact us.