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Please be aware that our re-homing pages may not represent all the animals we have staying with us, so please feel free to call at the animal centre between our animal viewing times of 11.00am - 4.00pm and have a look around.  During busy periods at the animal centre our rehoming pages may not always be 100% up to date. Please telephone 01246 273358 for the very latest information.

If you are interested in an animal that has been marked with a reserved or held tag feel free to contact us anyway as we take second reserves on most of our animals in the centre. 

Mimi D2015081

Mimi D2015081

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Female - neutered

2 years old


flickr Enlarge picture


You're the one for me, Mimi!

Have a look at the picture which accompanies this post. No, seriously, have a glance. Done? This is Mimi and she's absolutely lovely.

We could try and describe at length how gorgeous she is but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousands words (and then some)! Beyond her looks, Mimi is a typically affectionate Staffy with similarly high levels of playfulness and sociability. She is just immensely fun to be around and loves to give and receive plenty of fuss.

Furthermore, she does mix with other dogs - meaning if you're looking for a friend for an existing pooch, then this beautiful 2-year-old lady might be just the ticket. She's a very special girl with plenty of potential to make a practically perfect family pet

Daisy W2015042

Daisy W2015042

Staffy x


9 months old


flickr Enlarge picture


Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...

At just 9-months-old, Daisy the Staffy-X is but a baby and a kennel environment is certainly no place for such an innocent young soul. The first year of a dog's life is fundamentally important in shaping their behaviour, therefore it is vital that Daisy can find a home as soon as possible, a stable environment in which she can settle down and become the wonderful pet that she undoubtedly would make.

Some animals can make promoting them to potential new owners quite problematic, either through health, age, or behavioural issues that they may possess. However, Daisy is at the opposite end of the spectrum, she is a dog so unflinchingly lovable and eager to please that it will hopefully make enticing potential new families a mere breeze! She'll have you at 'hello'.

Daisy is at an age where she is still there to be moulded behaviourally, all she needs now is a loving owner who will guide her correctly and iron out some of her puppy-like naughtiness - a naughtiness that a kennel-type environment is doing little to amend. All she really requires is some ground-rules, and her love of both treats and fuss should make training her relatively straightforward.

She might not be a tiny, little puppy anymore, but that doesn't mean that this young lady is any less deserving nor suited to a family home and a family life. She will certainly make you happy should you give her half-a-chance. Please give her that chance.

Diesel D2015113

Diesel D2015113

Akita x

Male - neutered

1 year 5 months old


flickr Enlarge picture

Fluffy? Check. Golden-Haired? Check. Adorable? Check. Diesel might be the one for you...

Working in an animal centre you become quite accustomed to all sorts of breed mixes (most of which involve a Staffy in some capacity...), but a Retriever X Akita isn't one of the more common ones. That is one of the many things that make handsome Diesel such a unique character.

Combining the popularity and soft-eyes of a Labrador/Retriever-type dog with the fluffiness of an Akita, as well as uniting the affectionate nature of both of the breeds results in a pooch who can carve himself a very special place in your heart. This happy fella would make a perfect companion for lengthy walks and an excellent source of cuddles!

Diesel came into our centre with questionable lead etiquette, having evidently been little used to walking on lead prior to entering our care, but has made giant leaps and strides in this regard already. At only a year-and-a-half old this boy has great scope for learning and adapting to a new environment in addition to offering many, many happy years to any prospective new owner. Having certainly not having had the best first year of life, he is in desperate need of a home which makes up for lost time.

Due to his size, Diesel would be best placed in homes without small children and he would probably be ideal as an only pet. If these criteria are to your liking, and this golden-haired delight has piqued your interest, then give us a call or pop down to see him.

Pip D2015093

Pip D2015093

English Bull Terrier

Female - neutered

9 years old


flickr Enlarge picture

Our very own Pipstar!

Don't let her rather unflattering picture dissuade you, this is Pip, a delightful nine-year-old English Bull Terrier, and she is worth her weight in gold.

She came from what can perhaps be described as "testing" circumstances, but she has come through these difficulties with flying colours, and is an exceptionally lovely, little lady. She is very friendly and sociable, loves cuddles and fuss, and gets very excited at the prospect of a nice walk. Talking of walks, there is no cuter sight than seeing this tiny, wee piglet - all bedecked in her snazzy harness - trotting along at your side, with a beaming grin across her face. And that's without mentioning the adorable way in which her bum wiggles as she walks!

Her difficult background also seems to have affected how she interacts with other dogs. Aside from her buddy Blade, it appears as though she hasn't socialised with other pooches too much - and so is rather oblivious to typical canine etiquette when it comes to meeting new dogs, which may lead to conflict. As such, Pip would be best placed as an only dog.

So should you be looking for an English Bull, or maybe just an adorable, loving companion, then this darling could be perfect for you and your family.


Maggie D2015035

Maggie D2015035jpg

German Shepherd x


5 years old


flickr Enlarge picture

She may not be a Simpson or a Thatcher, but our Maggie is just as special...

This is an appeal for one of our longer-term dogs, Maggie. Maggie is a somewhat unique looking specimen, which can be attributed to her being a bit of a mishmash of breeds (part Shepherd, part Collie, and part Terrier), but - as they say - in variety is the spice of life. And it is her unique genetics that make Maggie such a delightful, intriguing, lovable, playful, clever, and beautiful lady.

However, though the breeds in Maggie's make-up are all wonderful in their own right and each contribute to what make Maggie such a wonderful lady, she has inherited a few of their quirks. As part Shepherd she is a quite large and strong girl, who would therefore require a harness or canny collar to be walked, while her intelligent Collie side means that she will require a good deal of stimulation to prevent her becoming bored. So she ideally be placed with a fairly active, strong owner(s) who could manage these 'issues' effectively. A few training classes wouldn't go amiss either.

But please don't let these minor foibles negatively colour your opinion of her, as Maggie is a massively friendly dog who really needs out of her present, kennel environment. She would love to stretch her legs and have some fun. She relishes playtime and adores her rage toys which she likes to sit with in the shade on a warm, sunny day - just enjoying life. She's a sociable girl who will mix with other dogs, though the terrier in her means that she is less suitable with small animals.

So can you give marvellous Maggie a most loving home?

Cruelty Line

To report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal please call our 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.  Read our cruelty checklist to help you identify the information we may ask for when you contact us.