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Please be aware that our re-homing pages may not represent all the animals we have staying with us, so please feel free to call at the animal centre between our animal viewing times of 11.00am - 4.00pm and have a look around.  During busy periods at the animal centre our rehoming pages may not always be 100% up to date. Please telephone 01246 273358 for the very latest information.

If you are interested in an animal that has been marked with a reserved or held tag feel free to contact us anyway as we take second reserves on most of our animals in the centre. 

Special Appeal - Sadie

Sadie D2014057 copy

D2014057 | German Shepherd x | 2 years old | Available | Enlarge picture

This striking German Shepherd cross is a unique character, a lovely looking girl who it is very difficult not to become highly attached to. In spite of her occasional obstinacy and stubborn-headedness, Sadie is a wonderfully intelligent dog who is more than capable of learning new commands, and will respond well to a concerted training programme. At present she will sit with great poise and give her paw when requested, she will also wait obediently – particularly when there is a treat on offer for her compliance!

This golden-haired darling has a superabundance of energy which, regrettably, finds little outlet in her present life. When she does get the opportunity to be let off the lead however, you can't help but smile as she hares around the exercise run with all the restraint of a child in a sweet shop!

Sadie is looking for a very special home. She requires an owner who has previous dog training and handling experience and can show competency in these areas. Sadie would be best suited as the only pet in the home and with older children over 13 years old. We also feel she would settle and adapt better to an area where it is quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sadie will need an owner who is able to give her positive reward based training to help her focus and build a strong bond and relationship with her new owner. Sadie is easily distracted at the moment when out on a walk, especially if she sees another dog and becomes strong on the lead. She can be good with other dogs but at the moment she initially becomes very frustrated and excitable when she sees other dogs. We feel in the right home environment and with the correct training this will improve. With plenty of patience and time, as well as a willingness to put the necessary effort in, her new owner will be rewarded with a very loving, affectionate and astute young dog, with whom they could spend many happy years.

Sadie truly is a fantastic dog, who is extremely affectionate and is very well behaved day to day in her kennel environment. If you feel you have the ability and the right set of circumstances we would urge you to seize this moment, to take a chance on this wonderful girl, to accept her great qualities as well as her quirks, in short, to simply give a chance to a dog who truly deserves it.

Murphy D2014094

Murphy D2014094

Staffy x | Male - neutered | 2 years old approx | Available | Enlarge picture | Video: Murphy & Lola playing happily together

This gorgeous gent is hoping to find his forever home.

Murphy loves going out for walks and will even lift his paws up so that you can pop his harness on ready. He'll then trot along excitedly, play tug with his toys and sniff everything in sight. One of Murphy's favourite things is a fuss (especially if you give him a good scratch under his velvety soft chin).

This brown eyed, glossy coated beauty loves other dogs and would be perfect for an active family with children aged 15 years or someone with plenty of time and energy, giving him the happy life that he truly deserves.

Lucy D2012152

England Football Team Squad Member – Position - Right Back

Our beauty of the group is a force of nature. She is quiet in the changing room but when she gets out on the field she is unstoppable. She prefers to work alone and is a great individual talent! The conditions for Lucy to play at her best are when it's a bit cooler, as she doesn't cope well with lots of heat.

lucy d2013152 Lucy

American Bull Dog x | Female - neutered | 5 years old | Available | Enlarge picture

Lily D2014003

England Football Team Squad Member – Position - Goal Keeper

Lily is the hulk of the team and nothing gets past her. She is strong, dependable and a dog you would trust. Speed is not Lily's greatest skill, however she is the safe pair of hands you need in goal. She is by far our most consistent member and would be good to have at your side in a crisis.

Lilly D003 Lily

American Bull Dog | Female | 3 years old | Available | Enlarge picture

Lilly is a little on the shy side until she gains your trust but give her the time and patience and she is with you for life. Lily is good with other dogs if introduced first, finding a best buddy in Rolo (who has now been adopted) and would benefit greatly from a mature family in a steady, quiet home environment.

Being a bigger dog, somebody strong and active with experience of the breed is desirable.

Lilly would benefit greatly from weekly training classes and would prefer not to be left by herself for longer than 4 hours at a time.

Beautifully white with tanned markings, droopy eyes and floppy chops, this gorgeous gal is waiting patiently for the right family and we hope they're just around the corner.

Marley D2014068

England Football Team Squad Member – Position - Centre Midfield

Marley is our David Beckham of the team – extremely handsome, he loves loads of attention. He is always happy to see his fans and always gives them lots of kisses! He does have a soft spot for Annie, well actually he's just soft all over. He takes care of his stunning appearance and you will often find him being groomed before kick off.

Marley D2014068 Marley

Husky x | Male - neutered | 2 years & 5 months old | Available | Enlarge picture

The only way to describe Marley is superbly stunning! He's an Alaskan malamute crossed with a husky and really has inherited their good looks. Not only that, he's exceedingly popular with the ladies, giving out plenty of kisses and cuddles anytime you greet him!

Marley gets on really well with other dogs, especially if they're of the same breed and enjoys a good brush and bath.

He would be better suited to a family with children over the age of 10 or a single person that can give him lots of love, affection and plenty of kisses in return.

Cruelty Line

To report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal please call our 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.  Read our cruelty checklist to help you identify the information we may ask for when you contact us.