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Dog Adoption Fees & Conditions

Dogs over 6 months old From £140
Dog over 8 years old From £120
Puppies under 6 months old From £200


Adoption fees for dogs include full standard vaccinations, neutering, worming, flea treatment and microchipping. Because dogs sometimes suffer stress related conditions we give 4 weeks pet insurance cover with Petplan absolutely FREE.  Any insurance renewed after this period the centre will receive a fee from the insurance company. These costs do not take into account the feeding, loving care and attention our dogs have had during their stay at the animal centre.

We can not neuter puppies and sometimes some adult female dogs. We would issue a voucher to cover the total cost of neutering for when the time is right.  This voucher scheme can only be used at Peak Veterinary Limited, Matlock, Derbyshire.  Tel:01629 582844.


Conditions of adoption


We are looking for life-long, permanent homes for our dogs and we need to be sure you can provide such a home. This means we have to ask questions about your personal circumstances, including your ability to meet routine and emergency vet bills, which will become solely your responsibility following adoption.

All members of the household, including any existing dogs, must come to the animal centre before a dog can be reserved for you.  We will require permission from the property owner where the dog will live.  We will normally "hold" the dog of your choice for 48 hours.  This will allow everyone to come along and agree to the new addition.  We do require proof of vaccination for your existing pets before any mixing can take place.

All existing dogs in the household should ideally be neutered but definitely vaccinated as the RSPCA promotes good pet ownership.

A home checker will need to visit you at home before you can adopt a dog.

All are puppies are temperament tested and may not be suitable with children under 5 years and few rescue dogs are suitable for families with very young children or babies.

We recommend that adult dogs are left no longer than 4 hours.  However there are sometimes exceptions to this rule (please contact the centre for further information).  We also recommend that puppies are left no longer than 2 hours.

A secure garden or exercise area for dogs is normally essential.

We may arrange to do a post adoption visit to see how your new dog is settling in.

Cruelty Line

To report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal please call our 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.  Read our cruelty checklist to help you identify the information we may ask for when you contact us.