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Please be aware that our re-homing pages may not represent all the animals we have staying with us, so please feel free to call at the animal centre between our animal viewing times of 11.00am - 4.00pm and have a look around.  During busy periods at the animal centre our rehoming pages may not always be 100% up to date. Please telephone 01246 273358 for the very latest information.

If you are interested in an animal that has been marked with a reserved or held tag feel free to contact us anyway as we take second reserves on most of our animals in the centre. 

Blue D2015134

Blue D2015134

American Bulldog

Male - neutered

4 years old


flickr Enlarge picture

BlueFor Blue...

Here is a short(ish) poem for 4-year-old Blue, a big ol' bull-breed with a heart of gold and whose eye-catching beauty has yet to find him that special someone. Perhaps this might help...

"Now how 'bout a tale of one real needy friend?

Upon whose affection you can wholly depend.

For though he's a big lad, with such floppy chops,

Blue's heart is still bigger, and his love never stops.

Blue adores him some cuddles, and kisses aplenty,

One's never enough - how about twenty!

Each time that he bounces, his belly does jiggle,

His whole-hearted nature will make you all giggle.

He's been at our centre for what seems like an age,

This boy's like an actor who needs a new stage.

There's no real reason that he's stuck quite so long,

For a pooch who's so special - it just seems very wrong.

Let's hear it for Blue, a dog with no equal,

He's more like the original - not a mere sequel.

His face screams "adopt me!", now don't let him down

He's just so ill-suited to wearing a frown!

So put down the mouse, turn off the TV,

Pop down to our centre and you'll surely see;

How gorgeous he is, how soft is his heart,

The answer is simple: he needs a fresh start."

Roxy D2015111

Tizer D2015111

Doberman x Rotti


4 years old


flickr Enlarge picture


Vinnie D2015106

Vinnie D2015106

Lab x

Male - neutered

7 years 1 month old


flickr Enlarge picture

Moss D2015157


Border Collie

Male - neutered

1 year 6 months old


flickr Enlarge picture

MossEnjoy an Especially Collie-ful New Year!

Border Collies are perhaps the archetypal British dog breed, when you think of the whole 'green and pleasant land'-type image, the lithe and elegant Collie is as integral a part as the drystone walls, rolling hills, or the sheep to which they are so closely tied. You can go back well over a century and find their glistening, intelligent eyes staring back at you out of black-and-white photos, their proud sheep-herding owners stood at their back. This enduring popularity and importance is no mere stroke of luck, Border Collies are unique in their unmatched intelligence and energy.

But, like a double-edged sword, the Collie's most defining attributes have a tendency to cause them all sorts of problems in a kennel-type environment. Moss, our 18-month-old Border Collie, personifies these difficulties. His intelligence would be perfect for a working life or an active home environment, and his energy would be a boon were he to have adequate outlets in which to expend it.

In a kennel environment - even if it is one where he receives plenty of walks, attention, and affection - Moss' sharp intellect is turned inwards, causing him to become neurotic, stressed, and unduly worried by anything and everything. He's very shy around people and will gladly retreat to a hiding spot when given the opportunity though, on occasion, he does allow his soft and loving temperament to shine through and does enjoy some fuss. To flex his brain we tried feeding him with a sliding-panel contraption - as opposed to a standard dog bowl - which requires logic to access the food within. For most dogs this can be a prolonged learning process, for Moss he had obtained every crumb within a couple of minutes. Moss certainly lives up to his breed's sharp reputation. For contentment and happiness, Moss needs a home where he can exercise both body and mind - and that is precisely what we are searching for on his behalf.

But whilst his interactions with people can be marked by his timidity, the complete opposite is true when he meets another dog - his eyes light up, his tail springs to life, and he becomes almost unrecognisable from the quivering ball he sometimes presents. He is very playful, confident almost, particularly with dogs who can match his energy. With little pups he is different again, becoming almost submissive - as if to show them that he poses no threat. He's a complex character. He would be suitable to be rehomed with an existing dog, provided that they aren't too full-on with him, alternatively, he would love to have some local dog friends in the neighbourhood we're sure.

Fundamentally, we would recommend that Moss be rehomed with active families, who have children aged 13+ (due to his nervousness), and, ideally, have Collie experience. We also wish to state that any potential owner must not leave Moss alone for extended periods, at least initially. Now we appreciate that this is quite a restrictive set of criteria, but we must be sure that this is Moss' forever home and we want what is perfect for him - or at least as close as we physically can.

If you are interested please give us a call or come and visit. Moss would appreciate the effort.

Bailey D2015159

Bailey D2015159

Staffy x

Male - neutered

11 years old


flickr Enlarge picture

Old Bailey...

Now that winter seems to have truly set in, there seems to be a more pressing need to find homes for all of our animals, lest they find themselves in kennels during this most family-focused time of the year. This need is especially pronounced when it comes to our older residents, who require homes just as much as our youngest animals. One such individual is 11-year-old Bailey, a Staffy-X, and though his greying muzzle might betray his advancing years, his energetic spirit certainly doesn't! At his age he should, by rights, be able to rely on a loving, settled home in which he can spend the coldest winter months, instead he finds himself with us garnering very little interest so far from potential new owners.

Bailey is just a terrific old guy who knows just how to pull on your heart-strings, with his big, puppy-like eyes and his friendly nature. All he is really looking for his a home where he might relax and savour an atmosphere that isn't periodically pierced by the barking of his fellow canine residents. If you could grant him this simple request you would find yourself a great dog with a good heart and a real love of play and walks.

We know that all the dogs who find themselves at rescue centres across the country all deserve a loving home this Christmas, but if you could please spare a thought for this one special old timer, we're sure he'd really appreciate it.

Bailey would be best placed as an only pet and with children over 8 years.

Cruelty Line

To report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal please call our 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.  Read our cruelty checklist to help you identify the information we may ask for when you contact us.