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Small Animal Adoption Fees & Conditions

Guinea Pigs
£20* or £30 per pair
Budgies & Canaries
£8 or £12 per pair
£5 or £8 per pair
Lovebirds £20 or £30 per pair
Cockatiels £15 or £25 per pair
Farm Birds (Chickens & Ducks) £4
Other Birds Price on application
Gerbils £8 or £12 per pair
Degus £15 or £25 per pair
Chinchillas £50 or £80 per pair
Rats £8 or £12 per pair
Mice £5 or £8 per pair
Dwarf Hamsters £5 or £8 per pair
Syrian Hamsters £8


* Guinea Pigs can be neutered for an additional fee of £30.00

These costs do not take into account the feeding, loving care and attention our small animals have had during their stay at the animal centre.  Are you aware that  a lot of small animals can easily become bored and need regular handling, toys for stimulation and a good and balanced diet to live a healthy and happy life?

Conditions of adoption

We are looking for life-long, permanent homes for our rabbits and we need to be sure you can provide such a home. This means we have to ask questions about your personal circumstances, including your ability to meet routine and emergency vet bills, which will become solely your responsibility following adoption.

Ideally all members of the household must come to the animal centre before any small animal can be reserved for you.  If this is not possible we at least ask for the primary carer of the animal to visit the centre with permission from the property owner where the animal will live.  We will normally "hold" the animal of your choice for 48 hours, this will allow everyone to come along and agree to the new addition.

A home checker will need to visit you at home before you can adopt any animal, alternatively if you can bring the animal's accommodation down to the centre this will avoid a home visit taking place.

We only adopt small animals as family pets and not for breeding purposes.

We do encourage that some small animals are kept in pairs or groups.

We may arrange to do a post adoption visit to see how your new pet is settling in.

Cruelty Line

To report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal please call our 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.  Read our cruelty checklist to help you identify the information we may ask for when you contact us.