Staffy x | Male – neutered | 2  years old | Reserved

Calling All Ladies…

Rocky has a very special requirement in terms of his potential new home, he is very wary around men with whom he isn’t familiar (we can only speculate as to why he seems to have this aversion to men, in particular) and as such we have made the decision to try our best to place him in an all-female household. We appreciate that this is a restrictive criteria to place upon an animal and does exclude many potentially wonderful homes, but we believe that this gives Rocky the absolute best chance of achieving long-term happiness. So we apologise to anyone who might be disappointed by this decision.

Now, onto Rocky himself. He is a delight. A puppy who never grew up, really. He loves to stretch his gangling legs and explore the world – making sure that he has sniffed every scent and trodden every path – and he adores treats and tasty titbits. But, what he wants even more is to throw his paws up over your shoulders and lick, lick, lick you – this little guy is very much a people’s puppy! He does, however, have a bit of a shy side sometimes and may take a little while to trust you but once he knows you he’ll make sure that you’re never in any doubt as to how much he thinks of you!

Pictures completely fail to do him justice, Rocky is a beautifully sleek boy whose deep black coat is broken only by his bright white chest, his precisely folded ears accentuate his adorable face, amber eyes, and soft mouth.

Rocky would be best to be rehomed into an adult-only, female environment, though he could be placed with an existing dog – so long as they got on alright – but not other, smaller animals. Please give this special, special guy a chance.

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