Akita x | Female  | 8 years &  6 months old | Available

Give an Older Girl a Chance…

This special appeal is for one of our veterans, a sophisticated older lady who’s looking for a fantastic home and an owner to love her as she deserves. Her name is Roxy and she is an 8-year-old X-breed. But, most importantly of all, she is an unashamed sweetheart.

After arriving with us from a less than ideal situation, Roxy has worked her way into everyones hearts with her laid back temperament, gentle nature, and general loveliness. She’s a girl who adores going on steady walks – particularly when the sun is shining! – where she can take in all the sights and smells of the world, as well as taking any opportunity she can to get plenty of fuss, cuddles, and love! Once she has finished a walk she is not shy about finding a comfortable spot and just chilling out for a while, she likes to take things at a chilled-out pace. 

Though beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, it is difficult to see how anyone could find Roxy anything other than eye-wateringly beautiful. Her perfect eyes and gentle features could adorn the wall of any gallery! She is a girl who has aged with real class and grace.

Roxy would be best placed in a home as the only pet, and could be rehomed with children of secondary-school age. She is house-trained and is excellent with basic commands, is happy to be left for periods of the day, is very responsive to food and treats, and is good with unfamiliar people.

She, like a fine wine, gets better and better with every day that passes and would will make the right owner an absolutely perfect companion.

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