German Shepherd x Staffy | Male | 4 years 3 months old | Available

What’s In A Name…?

They tell you not to judge a book by its cover, and nor should you judge a dog by their name. Unfortunately for our four-year-old German Shepherd-X, Sabre, his name couldn’t be further removed from his true nature. This sweet-hearted, puppy-like pooch is waiting patiently for that special someone to come along and give him all that he ever desired – a place to call home, and a lap on which to rest his head.

As a word, Sabre gives a certain impression, one that doesn’t correlate at all with a dog who loves nothing more than curling up with his favourite cuddly toy and pillow, the softie who just wants to play and to be with those that love him most. Though we fully appreciate that naming him something far more appropriate like, say, ‘Cuddles’, ‘Fluffy’, or ‘Sweetums’ was always going to be unlikely.

However, there is no escaping the fact that Sabre is a big lad, a big lad who will need an owner that can handle him, but a big lad whose large frame is only there so it can contain his giant heart! He really is an amazing boy, who you can’t help but love.

Sabre would be best suited to a home with children of secondary-school age, on the basis that he’s a bit too big for little ones, and could potentially go to a home with existing dogs – provided they get on well, of course. Other details of Sabre’s ‘ideal’ home are listed in the picture attached to this post.

Please give him a thought, he deserves it and has been with us for such a long time now. His wonderful spirit and playful soul make him the perfect addition to that right home.

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