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Terry and Tilly and Heartfelt Gratitude…

It is said that those who have had little love in their lives are often those most able to cherish it, and it is often those very same individuals who share it most generously. To be in their company is to see love in its purest sense. This brings us to 5-year-olds Terry and Tilly, two of our longest-term residents, and two of our loveliest.

These two rabbits have evidently endured pronounced hardship prior to entering our care (Terry has a cataract in one eye, and is missing the nails on his hind feet) but, in spite of all the troubles that life has thrown at them, they bear no grudge – if you pick Terry up he, almost literally, wraps his tiny paws around you and gives you a squeeze! They would be well within their rights to fear and recoil from people after what they have been through and yet, first thing in a morning, they will come running over to see you. It’s as though they are eternally grateful for every slight hint of affection that they are shown.

People who adopt an animal from a rescue centre often speak of the amazing feeling that such an act gives them, knowing that they are in a position to remedy all the hurt and suffering that the animal may have suffered in the past – and to then see how much this new found love means to them. To give Terry and Tilly such a new home would mean the absolute world to them. Please. Do it for them. Do it for their little faces. Their little paws. Do it for two rabbits who deserve all the good things that the world has to offer.