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Blue D2017286

17 May 2018|

German Shepherd | Female | 1 year old | Available

Blue, An Especially Special Appeal…

German Shepherds are a unique lot. Their eyes seem to see through a different spectrum of colour, […]

Molly C2018023

17 April 2018|

Domestic Short Hair | Female | 10 years old | Available

Molly is a very sweet older girl, one who thoroughly enjoys attention and fuss, albeit she isn’t as […]

Barry D2018065

15 April 2018|

Chihuahua | Male | 3 years & 7 months old | Available

Our Most Brilliant Barry…

In some ways Barry isn’t the most obvious sort of heartthrob. With his ever-so-slightly bucked teeth, his […]

Cheeky D2018037

18 February 2018|

Staffordshire Bull Terrier x | Female | 10 years old | Available

Let’s hear it for our Cheeky girl…

Cheeky is a special lady, a sweet-hearted lady, a lady who deserves a brief […]