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Duncan D2018124

1 August 2018|

Labrador x | Male | 9 months old | Reserved

This appeal is for a dog of unmatched loveliness, boundless playfulness, and not a little daftness. At a mere eight […]

Herbie D2018116

29 June 2018|

Lurcher Type | Male | 7 years old | Available

Herbie Rides Again…

Herbie the Lurcher is seven years old and one of our longer-term residents. So what better time can there […]

Billy S2011003

2 June 2018|

Domestic Short Hair | Male | 9 years & 4 months old | Available

The Beauty of Billy…

The modern world is defined by its quickness. It’s a time of […]

Archie D2018085

29 May 2018|

Beagle x | Male | 2 years old | On hold

L’Archie de Triomphe…

Our appeal today is for two year old Archie, a Beagle-X, who has now been in our […]

Brandy D2018089

18 May 2018|

Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Female | 9 years old | Available

Brandy is nine years old and came into our care along with her daughter – who was adopted a while […]

Cheeky D2018037

18 February 2018|

Staffordshire Bull Terrier x | Female | 10 years old | Available

Let’s hear it for our Cheeky girl…

Cheeky is a special lady, a sweet-hearted lady, a lady who deserves a brief […]