We can’t do it without you

Volunteers play a vital role at the RSPCA Chesterfield & North Derbyshire Branch and are absolutely essential for the Branch to remain open and for our work to continue. Your skills and abilities could make a real difference to the animals in our care. We have a variety of different roles that we offer, such as fundraising events, driving duties, helping at our Charity Shop or assisting with animal care at our Centre or through Home Visiting.

140 volunteers help us carry out vital animal welfare work

Why volunteer?

There are many great benefits to becoming a volunteer with the RSPCA, not only is it a fantastic way to meet like-minded people who share the same enthusiasm for animal welfare, but it is also a great way to gain a new, or develop existing, skill sets. Volunteering also enables you to try something new, to gain a sense of purpose and achievement and gives you the fulfilment that comes with giving back to your local community.

As you may know, we are currently working towards our ‘Animal Centre Rebuild Appeal’ which will transform our Animal Centre into a state of the art safe haven for neglected, abused and abandoned animals. As we are a local independent charity, fundraising is a huge aspect of the work we undertake. We ask all volunteers who wish to become involved with the work we do at the RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Branch to contribute a few shifts per year towards building awareness of our cause. This may include attending a Store or Street Collection for a couple of hours, collecting Collection Boxes from local businesses, or helping out at our different events. For more information about this appeal visit www.chesterfieldanimalcentrerebuild.org.uk

Volunteering roles

We currently do not have any volunteer vacancies for animal care and dog walking until further notice. Thank you.

Animal Care Volunteer

Our Animal Centre can have up 100 animals on site at one given time, and as such the environment can be quite loud and very busy – with animals and humans! By assisting staff in taking care of a wide variety of animals, volunteering can be incredibly rewarding and is a great opportunity to make new friends. Animal Care work is heavily manual based and duties include handling, exercising, grooming, feeding and cleaning kennels and pens.

Dog walking is a vital part of being an Animal Care Volunteer and we are heavily reliant upon volunteers to make sure this is done on a regular basis to encourage our animals to become used to walking on the lead, being socialised and for general fitness.

We ask that you are able to start your first couple of days with us at 9:00am as this when we can introduce you to the cleaning and feeding procedures that we have in place. Once a Dog Walking induction has been completed, the role becomes a lot more flexible and should you have a couple of hours free in the afternoon, you are more than welcome to come and walk our dogs!

Volunteer Receptionist

Through being part of the team that the public first come into contact with, it is important that you are outgoing, friendly, possess basic computer skills and have experience within customer service. Being a Volunteer Receptionist includes duties such as answering the telephone, helping the public with their queries, data entry and generally assisting visitors at the Animal Centre. Due to our opening hours, we only require assistance between the hours of 10am and 4pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Charity Shop Volunteer

Our Branch has a Charity Shop situated in Chesterfield town centre outside the Market Hall and is therefore in a great location to build awareness about the work of the Animal Centre. As part of a small team, volunteers in the Charity Shop carry out a range of duties including interacting with customers, money handling, steaming clothes and assisting the Shop Managers with sorting stock. Those interested in becoming a volunteer within the shop ideally need to have experience within customer service, have a flexible approach to working and are able to work as part of a team.

Fundraising Volunteer

Being a part of the Fundraising and Events team is always a varied, exciting and rewarding! This role covers everything from prepping for events, speaking at school assemblies, and attending supermarket collections, all in the aim of building our awareness within the local community. As our fundraising opportunities vary in number every week, volunteers are only needed on an ad hoc basis normally for a couple of hours at a time, and as such is one of the most flexible roles we have to offer. As an independent charity, raising funds is vital to ensuring that our animal welfare work continues on and that we can help more animals in the future find new loving homes.

We are looking for people who are friendly, personable, enjoy meeting others, have an interest in animal welfare and are able to present a positive and informative image of the Branch.

If you are unable to commit to such a role, perhaps you would be interested in contributing to our cause on a more independent basis? Many of our supporters, for example, find it rewarding to arrange events in aid of our Animal Centre and to encourage people in the community to support the animals we care for and re-home. Planning an event with friends such as a coffee morning or coordinating a collection of donated items in your neighbourhood for our charity shop are great ways to support local animal welfare whilst also meeting other animal-lovers like yourself. 


Home visitors

Our Home Visitors work across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire to visit potential adopters and ensure that our animals are moving into suitable home environments. They play a vital role within the adoption process and without their outstanding commitment, our animals would spend a longer period of time at the Centre. Home Visitors also carry out Post Adoption visits to make sure the animal is settling into his/her new home.

We rely heavily upon a Home Visitor’s flexibility and require volunteers across our large ranging area. Duties include arranging with potential adopters visits to their homes in hours that suit both sides, completion of paperwork and assisting adopters with any questions that they may have. Full training is required throughout. You must have a full driving license and have access to a vehicle on a regular basis. As Home Visitors mainly remain in an area close to their own home, this role can be completely flexible around a volunteer’s personal schedule and is therefore perfect for someone wanting to do something around current commitments.

Driving & Trawling Volunteer

Trawling consists of walking pre-arranged routes in our local area and posting bags as a way of building awareness and obtaining donations to stock our Charity Shop in Chesterfield town centre. As such, Trawling is vital for the day to day running of our shop. The role includes working coherently alongside other volunteers in visiting different areas and dropping bags in our local community. Once done, Trawling Volunteers will then visit the same area a couple of days later to see if any donations have been given, and these will be taken to our Charity Shop where items will be sorted and then sold.

VanWe are also in need of drivers who are willing to drive a transit van and join trawlers in their morning run. Drivers must be over the age of 25 and have a full clean driving license.

Trawling occurs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings between 9am and 1pm. It would not be necessary to volunteer all four mornings as we can arrange in advance what day’s work best around individual’s requirements. Good fitness is required as the role involves quite a bit of walking and also being outdoors in different weathers.

Volunteer Collection Box Co-ordinator

We are looking for a volunteer to assist us in managing our existing collection box network. The role would include contacting existing collection box holders to arrange collection and delivery of new boxes, speaking to potential new box holders and keeping accurate records of collection boxes. You would need to be confident with using a computer, new databases and the telephone, have customer service experience and possess good organisational skills. Initially this role will perhaps require a couple of hours volunteering mid week, but this may increase depending on the expansion of the network as we hope to increase the presence of our cause within the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire area.

Maintenance Volunteer

To keep the Animal Centre a safe and tidy environment for both animals and humans, Maintenance Volunteers are vital for the day to day up keep of the site. If possible, volunteers need to be experienced in different aspects of manual work and are looking for a role where they can be really hands on and physically make a difference. The role is largely spent outdoors and in the summer months includes gardening and painting. Also, maintenance volunteers are sometimes asked to drive our transit van to assist with taking our animals to local veterinary surgeries and also emptying our food bins in local supermarkets. To do so drivers must be over the age of 25 and have a full clean driving license.

How do I volunteer?

If you have time to spare and are interested in helping our cause, you can apply to become a volunteer by using our secure online volunteer application form. Alternatively you can come down to the Animal Centre to pick up an application form or email volunteering@chesterfield-rspca.org.uk for further information.

Please be aware that following the application and interview process, volunteers are selected for activities based on their experience, skills and availability. Although we do our best to accommodate interested volunteers, the types and numbers of openings for volunteers vary considerably throughout the year, and as such we are unable to accept every application we receive. But should this be the case, we would encourage you to consider other avenues which can contribute to the work we do with the animals, for example planning sponsored events, or even just collecting your pennies in one of our Rebuild Tubes! Every little bit helps!

Without the continued and generous support of our team of dedicated volunteers, our Animal Centre would not operate as efficiently and effectively as it does. RSPCA branches are self-funding charities which means we are heavily reliant upon our community support.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!

We currently do not have any volunteer vacancies for animal care and dog walking until further notice. Thank you.